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The Smarter Spider Solutions improves the performance of your building services more Efficient & reduce operating Cost:

Smarter spider is one-stop solution provider for complete iBMS for Energy, Fire, HVAC, and Water. Our wireless IoT solution offers, ease of deployment across your existing building resulting in simple and easy Installation, Robust and in-expensive online software, and cloud charges. Our simple plug & play systems are Modular and Scalable. All systems can be monitored and controlled in a single user-friendly dashboard remotely 24×7, resulting in average energy saving of up to 20% plus reduces carbon emissions.

“If you can measure and analyze it, you can control it”

Our innovation is now extended to video management solutions. Our cloud-based video monitoring & video measurement platform can be tied into your existing cameras, which provides real-time data and business insights with our easy-to-use AI analytics, empowers you to simplify the complexities of handling massive amounts of video data with our Intelligent VMS. As surveillance takes its leap from continuous eyeball monitoring to AI based event response, join our hosts to know more on where the industry is heading and how ever expanding requirements are driving innovation and transforming the CCTV setup from a COST CENTER to a STRATEGIC ASSET

“All our systems are Made in India.”