The Smarter Spider Solutions improves the performance of your building services more Efficient & reduce operating Cost: Smarter spider is one-stop solution provider for complete iBMS for Energy, Fire, HVAC, and Water. Our wireless IoT solution offers, ease of deployment across your existing building resulting in simple and easy Installation, Robust and in-expensive online software, and cloud charges. Our simple plug & play systems are Modular and Scalable. All systems can be monitored and controlled in a single user-friendly dashboard remotely 24×7, resulting in average energy saving of up to 20% plus reduces carbon emissions.

What exactly is the Smarter Spider? Technology-enabled building that provides a secure and comfortable environment for occupants while saving costs and minimizing waste While designing or retrofitting smart buildings, it’s important to keep in mind that future technological advancements can be easily integrated. It’s possible to use a smart building’s performance to control and optimise the building’s IoT sensors, building management systems, AI, and augmented reality processes.

The software, sensors, controllers, and gateways are all developed in India. a true Aatmanirbharbharat product. Designed to give Clear Air, Energy Saving, Cost Control on Utility Services, and Fire Monitoring for saving Lives..